Vision Statement

The Focus

Alien Inn is in the business of providing an affordable information systems support service covering from Canberra ACT, down to Comma NSW, across to Eden NSW, and up to Batemans Bay NSW, the wider rural and regional Australian farming community, and potentially regional outline areas such as PNG and Norfolk Island using reliable HF radio communications.


Alien Inn is keen on space.  With a company name like Alien Inn, it is a logical extension to put communication equipment on the Moon in conjuction with Elon’s SpaceX wild adventures to Mars and beyond.


Alien Inn has established support agreements with product vendors such as: Dell EMC, VMware, and Microsoft.

Some of Alien Inn’s projects at the concept stage.

Short Term

  1. Build a dedicated data recovery solution to enable system analysis;
  2. Build a dedicated data sanitisation solution to enable system sanitisation;
  3. Build a dedicated hardware server and desktop solution to provide technical capabilities for Alien Inn over a five year period; and
  4. Build scalable information systems remote backup solution to provide the BCP/DR capability.

Long Term

  1. Provide: customised information systems support service for the wider rural and large farming communities across Australia;
  2. The generation of a geographically accurate map of customer locations that outlines regional telecommunications capabilities such as mobile telephone and wireless Internet coverage areas;
  3. The installation of HF radio network technology to allow contact to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air etc;
  4. The development of a Rural Australia Information Systems Support Marketing solution;
  5. A support network with rural and regional recruitment agencies to support the marketing solution; and
  6. The Expansion of the BCP/DR solution to support larger market share.

Along the way

Alien Inn provides customised information systems support for the local small business owners between Canberra ACT, Cooma NSW, Eden NSW, and Batemans Bay NSW, the surrounding communities, with a core focus on the small business owner and the new fleet of Work From Home capabilities. Thanks Covid-19.

Alien Inn in currently constructing the web presence at:


Alien Inn can provide virtual lab facilities on  Yes, Alien Inn can set up a pay-as-you-go solution to support your training or development requirements.  Ask us about production systems.

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