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Alien Inn Pty Ltd

107 Lascelles Street Braidwood NSW 2622


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Contact 0431179205 during business hours

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Our CEO – Alien

Alien is the nickname given to Allen by his well respected peer, and friend, after signing a formal report with Alien Miller.  Given the love of astronomy, space, science, and the quest for radio astronomy activates, the name stuck, and the future was set in stone with the formation of Alien Inn (the small business), then growing to a fully fledged company with its eyes on the skies – Alien Inn Pty Ltd (The Information Systems focused arm of the company); Research @ Alien Inn Space (The Research & Development arm of the company); and RAG Salvage Australia (The decommissioning services of Information Systems technology arm of the company).

Where are we going

Alien Inn is in the business of providing an affordable information systems support service covering from Canberra ACT, down to Comma NSW, across to Eden NSW, and up to Batemans Bay NSW, the wider rural and regional Australian farming community, and potentially regional outline areas such as Queensland Rural, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Norfolk Island, and Antarctica using reliable HF radio communications.